• Welcome at the Jutter

    De Jutter is all about everything you experience on this beautiful island; The cosiness, hospitality and not to forget their outstanding dishes and drinks. At our restaurant its almost like you find yourself on the island on a sunny day in summer or a late night in the middle of winter. We hope to welcome you soon!

  • A cozy summer

    Whats more to it than relaxing in our "feels just like home" restaurant after a nice long walk beside the lake? Time for some ice cream and your favo cake?

  • We are more then ready to overwhelm you with our summer menu!

    We know how to give you that cosy summer feeling.
    Its all about bringing the ones you like, to a domestic location on a summer evening, where delicious food and drinks are getting served.

    Welcome at the Jutter Almere.


    Putting love in your dish is finding a smile at the table.

    Here you will find the menu of Strandbrasserie de Jutter.
    On this menu you will find all the tastfull dishes that we currently serve.
    (We also offer dishes that frequently change, which are not shown in our menu, but will be found at our restaurant.)

    Keep an eye on our socials to keep yourself updated on all our specials and Jutter news.